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Nigeria Is Burning

Updated: Aug 16, 2018

Fire, fire everywhere! The President plays with fire and the people dance around the fiery flames with him, dutifully replicating the reckless grins of Doyin Okupe on BBC HARDtalk with Stephen Sackur [1] There was a time this arousing fire was a mere skirmish, easily covered up and pampered, to suit the aims of the culprits, who are eventually let go with kid gloves and not dealt with radically by the indifferent elected and non-elected, superimposed officials.  It is obvious... Nigeria's cup is full!  As lightening travels from the ground to the clouds, so would this fire travel from North to South. And this macabre dance around this fire would end in a cataclysmic array of charred, blackened, unrecognizable bodies.

A trip down memory lane shows that this subject of fire was distant, something far far away only occurring in the Middle East or Somalia. And the stance towards any anomaly was and is to remind 'non-patriots' defensively with veiny, hard throbbing temples and careless shrugs that anomalies like corruption exist everywhere, and terrorism is a world problem that even the UK and the US were caught unawares by and Iraq, Syria, Kenya also have their own share of the same misfortunes.

Seeing that Nigeria is no USA who not only affect the phrase of not negotiating with terrorists but also have a stronger government, it is sufficient to say Nigeria is tilted towards an Iraq. In the past weeks, Sunni insurgents notoriously known as ISIS have widened their grip in Northern and Eastern Iraq and have threatened to push towards the capital Baghdad. And Iraq's most senior Shia cleric has also issued a call to arms to counter this insurgency and thousands have heeded to it. It is obvious again, Nigeria is headed for this.

There is a sudden realization that Nigeria can no more hide her sins nor can she contain the nonchalance of the leaders or its people. It is no more business as usual. The signs are there. The signs are clear - past and present governments have failed us all. People are dying every day. Nigeria is burning! Now the question is how do you protect yourself? Should you abandon ship?

Credits: bbc.co.uk; orientalreview.org

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