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What Do You Think the Symbol of Corruption Should be?

What do you think the symbol of corruption should be...in Nigeria of course. Every establishment has a symbol that represents its vision and for this reason I think corruption deserves its own emblem.

So if you were to choose a symbol for corruption, what would it be? To be honest, I always see an elaborate babban riga or agbada flowing in my imagination when I think of corruption. Most often this image comes in the colour white.   I love culture. I love strong representations of tradition and people who are proud of who they are, but left to me the babban riga or any form of excessive material that does nothing other that to herald your 'big-manship' instead of you to concentrate on what you were elected to do would be banned from all official state functions and shall only be seen during ceremonial purposes or international representations of the country. 

The dress code would be minimized to more workable garments that signify purpose-driven characteristics, energy and expertise and not the babban riga that has been tainted by corruption and sluggishness.

Don't blame me, blame our politicians that have made me dislike it. So what would your symbol for corruption be?


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